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Project Information

Our 1970's era house has these funky old kitchen cabinets. I'm guessing the original stove was one of those wider electric ones, as the stove hood was something like 42 inches wide. Anyway, at some point, somebody replaced that wider stove with a modern, standard width stove, leaving a spot at the end of the cabinet run empty. Somewhere they got this weird little narrow kitchen cabinet that was maybe 10 inches wide with a single drawer at the top and a narrow cabinet below for cookie sheets, etc. It didn't match the rest of the cabinets, but didn't look too awful.

But I still hated it.

So built a new, wider one, with all drawers. The lowest drawer is deep enough to hold assorted cookie sheets and baking pans.

The drawer fronts are what I call "faker" style. A piece of half inch plywood, edged with poplar strips and with thin poplar strips glued to the front to mimic the shaker look.

To get the drawer fronts positioned the way I wanted, did each one individually, initially gluing the front on by putting blue tape on the front of the drawer and the back of the drawer front, then putting a dollop of hot glue between them to temporarily hold things in place whilst I drilled the holes necessary to screw the drawer fronts on the the drawers.

The drawers themselves are constructed using Jay Bates's method with pocket screws.

The "counter" is temporary and covered with vinyl floor tile until I get around to getting the formica to do the whole shebang.



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Nice job! We had a similar situation in a house built in the 1960s that we remodeled. I think the 42" stoves must have been popular in 1950s to the 70s because I grew up with one, too. You made better use of the space with your new cabinet.