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Project Information

I had made a few other bandsawed jewellery boxes in the past, this is the most recent… I am unsure of what species of timber are used… the face of the heart is some gold coloured timber, very easily carved and cut, quite soft and VERY lightweight… I was hoping one of y'all might be able to shed some light on this… there should be a pic of a raw unstained and lightly sanded piece here with this text… also a pic should be attached of a skull carving done from the same piece of timber… any input would be appreciated
The main body of the box is a very hard, heavy and dark wood… possibly Australian Jarrah (I am in Queensland, Australia) or it is possibly a piece of our Queensland 'Ironbark' (yeah it's name explains itself when sharpening tools) it is a type of hardwood, very heavy, very strong, some kind of 'gum' or 'eucalypt' type of tree.
The tiny drawer 'pull' is silky oak. The back of the piece is basic half inch pine ply.
Anyway, there are always more projects underway here so i'll be sure to post a bit more regularly in the near future. A new 4ft lathe and a new 14inch bandsaw and less time doing 'other' work will hopefully see more sawdust making in progress



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Nice bandsaw box!!