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Hello Lumberjocks.

This cristmas, I got a new drill press in the stockings. Despite having lots of slave-elves, Santa appreciates manual DIY labour.
I use my garage as shop, and the space is very limited, so with every new purchase, I have to Tetris everything, to its propper optimal place.
I had an old sewing table made of cast iron, that I inherited from my mom many years ago. The thing is sturdy and heavy, and I kept it, because I wanted to power something fun someday, Like a sander, or an electric toothbrush or something.

As for Tetris, right now, its my new drillpress stand. I replaced the marble with a new wooded tabletop, so Im able to bolt the drillpress in place. Now I need to puzzle my bandsaw somewhere… hmmm
Not a super complicated build compared to what I see my fellow lumberjocks build, but this was my first tabletop, and I felt like sharing.

Regular pine made from leftovers.
and Derma which I got from a friend that owns a larger horse stable. He promised to save all the boards he replaces in the stalls forthcomming. Yay got wood!
Finished with Linseene oil.
Total Expenses on this build: $0




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Good use for an old workhorse….

I think you SHOULD use the treadle table to power the drill press.
Otherwise the sewing table may feel under utilized and get depressed!!! ;^)