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I made this for a friend who needed a bookshelf/nightstand for their daughters room. The case is made of one 4 X 8 sheet of Baltic Birch ply, and the face is covered in decorative trim.

I tried some different lighting techniques to see if I could catch the shadows of the trim. It might have been easier if I was using a better camera than the one on my cell phone.

The bottom and middle shelves are held in dados and the top is screwed on via kreg jig. The molding is held on with glue and pin nails. They are going to paint it so I did not bother with a finish.



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Looks real nice. I like the trim around the plywood edges.
The only thing I can see that I would try to do is get the Kreg filler pieces for the holes left when you drilled the screw holes. They sell them in all sorts of colors, or you could probably make your own out of doweling and fit them into the screw holes.
Great job