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Project Information

I've just started to experiment with Cherry and I'm pleasantly surprised how easy it is to work with and how 'soft' it feels. This table was completed a few months ago with the top being made from Cherry and Walnut. We wanted something simple that would somewhat match the pattern of the rug.

Assembly of the top was fairly straight forward. Biscuits were used for all joints and a planner was utilized for the angle joints as well. I tend to make my large pieces oversize for final trimming after sanding. A mistake I made was that I trimmed one side too much and a biscuit got exposed (on the walnut wedge section). The only way to fix it was to add a walnut strip to the edge to hide the biscuit.

Up to now, all of my finishes have either been urethane or rubbed danish oil. This time, I tried lacquer. I didn't have to wait days for one coat to cure. The top was sanded to 200 grit, several coats of lacquer, wet sanded to 600 grit and finished off with 000 steel wool. The top was finished in less than a day.

The legs were tapered using a simple taper jig plan I found online. I used enamel paint which was heavily thinned and applied with a brush. The purpose of the thinning was to eliminate brush strokes. I lightly sanded the painted surface between coats and after about 5 or 6 coats, the brush strokes all but disappeared. Perhaps I should have sprayed!!! :)

I see the cherry is already starting to darken. I'm looking forward to how it will change over the next few years.



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Not everybody appreciates a variance in a simple table top ( the angled walnut ) probably because it's so much extra work and fitting but I for one applaud you extra efforts in a REAL good looking table.
I do things like that not so much for anybody but me, just because I want to.
Nice job and you're gonna love cherry