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Project Information

A friend asked if I would make a cross for him that would be small and free standing. He wanted it simple to reflect the simple life that Jesus led.

This is what I came up with.

The cross is oak while the base,since it was to be painted is simply pine.

I built several jigs to make the smaller necklace crosses also shown. Given their size it was critical to make jigs to keep the fingers away from the tablesaw blade. That's what I use to cut the kerf into the cross once it is assembled.

Both large and small crosses 1/4" sq. and are half lapped to mount the arms to the trunk.

The table cross is a full 7" tall while the smaller crosses are a mere 1.5" tall by 1" wide.

The cross on the necklace is my personal and it's over 4 years old now. I wear it except for when I'm getting into water.

Another friend leads a team that makes Rosaries and sometimes he wants these crosses on them. Here's an example. All I do is drill the hole the other way. It may not look like it, but trust me, the wood is oak.



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Nice job, especially on the simplicity. Always good to think safety when in the shop too,

Well done,