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Project Information

I'm in the midst of building some very large end grain butcher Blocks/tables…. 3'x6' & 2'x3'.
They are being built in smaller sections and then I will have a final large glue up. Since I do not have large capacity drum sander, Im trying to get my sections to line up spot on when gluing up. This is where the friendly cauls come into play.
I have not gone out of my way to make any curved cauls, just some straight maple. What I have done that makes things so much easier is to insert an eybolt at one end. I have used some 3/8 bolts that I picked up at the store for this project. (The 3/8 works great for 1/2" bar clamps)
The nice thing about using the cauls this way is that you can slip the 'eye' over the end of the pipe once you have everything prepped with glue, then its just a matter of throwing on one clamp and tightening.
I find that tightening the pipe clamps a bit at first, then tightening the cauls lightly until everything is in place before using the impact to tighten the nut and some decent hand pressure on eh clamps.




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That's pretty slick. I think I'd still like to have a caul on the bottom too instead of relying on the pipe to be the flat piece on the bottom. It doesn't take too much pressure on a large panel to bow the pipe clamp. It'll bow upwards typically so it shouldn't be an issue.

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Thanks CueballRosendaul..
I actually have a maple sitting on the bar clamps as I found out that with a tad too much pressure I can dent the maple easily with the bar..