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Project Information

As an Owner I had the good fortune to go to Class at the Shopsmith Factory and use these tool holders. So they are not my design. The Left one using only dowels and shows SS chisels and on My Growth Rings utube channel..calls it a Dingus… is a copy of what we used making a Shaker Table. So in rough measurements. The opening is the width of a spray paint can or the size of the way tubes. Each side of the " candy cane shape" is 3 inches. 5 dowels ,3/8,11 inches long. The forward dowel can be almost any place as this sits inside the way tubes. The handle supports are 2 inches apart and 4 inches above the lower 2 dowels that stop the ferruls. Those are about 3/4 to 1 inch apart. Those need about 5 to 6 inches to the bottom of the stand. Lay your chisels down on the board to plan your space. The second holder is planned for my new larger bowl chisels and I wanted more support so I drilled the lower holder for the handles to rest on and rounded it out. This would hold the SS chisels. I should have made 6 holes. I only needed 3 dowels of 12 inches here and I have the board 9 inches to the bottom as the chisel lengths are so much longer. I found they are not rocking with the upper handles in between 2 dowels. I liked the pine look against the stain look for this. I have used the first chisel holder for the last 20 years since I was at class in 2001 and made mine after coming home. Thanks and they are easy to make and use. Hang them on the wall out of the way. Hal



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Nice idea to have them close at hand.