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Project Information

A few hours in the shop the other day allowed me to make a pair of winding sticks. I used the tablesaw to cut the stock to size and make the bevels; the jointer plane to joint and true the top and bottom edges; the shoulder plane and the block plane to clean up the machine marks on the bevels.

Instead of using inlays, I opted for a much simpler design to highlight the corners-the corners are left unstained. The important checks for winding sticks are the straightness & squareness of the edges and matching dimensions of the sticks. The more time consuming part for me was truing the edges square freehand, not using my jointer fence (,41182,48944,52414) as a practice.

I applied three coats of shellac (1 pound to 1.5 pound cut) yesterday and Watco wax as the top coat this morning.

Storage: Like the straightedge that was used to check the sticks, they are hung vertically. Over time, they may need truing/dimensioning again.



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