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Project Information

As I have slowly matured and gotten older, I have been starting to become more aware of setting up woodworking as a hobby that will keep me busy post-career.

One of the things that I think about is the quality of air in my shop. When you work with wood occasionally, I don't think you notice as much, but as I have been generating a fairly more significant amount of dust in my shop, I have become more sensitive to how I manage it.

So, i took a 20" box fan from the box store on clearance, and a 1×20x20 cheap filter, and a 20×20x4" not cheap filter and i made my own shop fan system to filter out the fine particles.

I wired it to a switch in my shop so i can turn it on independently.

From a skills perspective it isn't the finest woodworking project in history, but I did exercise one concept this go around.

I drew the project out on sketchup, then created a cut list, followed the plan, and was amazed that everything fit together the way i intended…

on to the next project!!!!



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Nice filter box!