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Project Information

Shoe shelf I made for my wife for her birthday. The concept, I think, was sound. The implementation, not so much. Was on a tight budget for materials, and the thing had to fit into a very narrow space. It's made from re-sawn 2/4's in a sort of "crate" style. The shelves are adjustable using two opposing french cleats on either side of the main "crate", and are held in place by the shelf cleat above. The idea was to have no structural members to keep the sides of the shelf from bowing, but to have the shelves be both adjustable and structural. When a shelf is inserted, it pulls the sides together via the two cleats.

The problem was, in addition to the warpage of the material used, was that the square I was using (an old Swanson Speed Square) ... wasn't. As I added the cleats going down the inside walls of the crate, they got progressively further and further out of alignment. I ended up having to trash one side of things, and make it over using the other side as a guide so things would line up better. Even then, it was kind of iffy.

If I had to do it again, I would have resawn the 2×4 strips into 3/8 or 1/2 inch thick pieces instead of 1/4 inch, which would have helped with the warpage and also some splitting which occurred.

Inspired by Izzy Swan, for the actual shelves, I made a special jig that held the shelf cleats in place with wedges and then was able to nail the cross members on.

I also didn't put any sort of finish on things.

Still, the wife was pleased with it.



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Great idea!


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when I seen title …I knew it was for a wife …happy wife happy life LOL …GREAT JOB :<))