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Workshop Information

Apologies if I am doing this wrong. I do not actually have a workshop, so the work I have done has been on the balcony of the apartment we are renting.

I own the sum total of 1 (one) power tool, a cordless drilling machine.

Other than that I have a 450mm crosscut saw, the worlds worst bench place (45mm), a 355mm smoothing plane (not used yet) and a few clamps.

I have managed to make a table from scratch, and am working on restoring a stool, that I found in the rubbish.

So not really a workshop, but I thought I would upload a few photo's nonetheless!



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welcome to lumber jocks shaun.yeah this is for shop pics you should move this to projects or if its pics of a project in progress put it in the blogs section.its not what or how many tools you have but what you do with them,looks like you can make do pretty well with what ya got.thanks for sharing,i think you'll like it here.