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Project Information

I needed to build this bench for two reasons: I needed somewhere to put my sharpening gear (including Tormek), plus I wanted to practice some of the techniques I need for building a Roubo-style workbench.

This bench is the same height and depth that my Roubo will be, it just isn't as long (~22"). The top is just under 4" thick. I did not make the legs flush with the front edge, but will do this properly on the big bench. I used 8/4 Beech throughout except the shelf (1/2" ply). All mortice and tenon work, glued and drawbored.

It's pretty heavy, and that's what i want for my main bench. I made my own walnut pegs to test if that would work (it does). Overall quite pleased with the sturdiness and heft. Now I need to get some wood and vises and start on the Roubo.



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Damn! it's simple but beautiful and so strong!