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HI all
This is my 2nd sewing machine table extention arm I built.
I get $ 45.00 for each client that wants one done up.
Tools I use.
Table saw , jig saw , 2 electric sanders with different sand papers on them.
cordless drill , drill bits to pilot holes for screws to go in.
Router to make curve on bottom side ,
My last client had a plastic part that I was able to use as a pattern
To trace onto the board for perfect fit.
She wanted the arm to extend out 10 inches from the sewing machine.
What a fun way to make some side cash and for client to
Have more room to sew on. Good deal all the way around.



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Yup people love these tables that extend out
Can't find email in stores.
Nice to see this made it to the top 3.
I try to be very created in my wood work and have high hopes I make stuff people need in life and like alot.

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Thanks for sharing this. I might make one for myself. I''m a sewer and actually hadn't thought of this!

Did you use plywood here or regular?

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Real nice tables. They'd sure come in handy to hold a wide piece on there so it does not drop off the open arm.

Cheers, Jim

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Hi Taryn
Jeff here.

so I made it with recycled oak plywood from a cabinet shop.
I used the plastic inlay peace that came with the sewing machine as a pattern to get the shape just right so it
would just slide right onto the machine with ease. after I cut the piece out with scroll saw I used a router to get the
angle just right on the bottom. I just used electric hand sanders with med , then fine sand paper on the wood and no finish put on it and my customer was real happy with that. I called her 6 months later and she is still happy with her extender arm.

sorry I didn't get back with you sooner on this as I don't get on lumber jock as often now.