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A few years ago someone gave me a 16"x3"x4' slab of black cherry. It had a horrible twist to it and a really bad check right down the center of it. The first year its sole purpose was additional weight in the back of my pick up in the winter time. That following spring I took it out of the elements and pretty much forgot about it. Last winter I cut it into 3 pieces equal in size and built a jig for my router that allowed me to plane the twist out of it. I wasn't sure what to do with the check, so I decided to try doing an inlay. The inlay is a piece of ash and two pieces of poplar. The ash is a leftover scrap from my coffee table project. The banding around the table top along with the cross bracing under the shelf and on the bottom of the table holding the legs together is also poplar. The owner of the local gas station was doing some remodeling and asked me if I needed some firewood, which is how I ended up with 2 truckloads of rough sawn poplar. The legs and the shelf are made from a red oak 2×4 that came out of an old granary. This table is finished with multiple coats of clear satin poly. Whenever I band something I always try to continue the grain in my miter joints. It is all held together with glue, screws, and through tenon joinery.



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Great looking table. Especially made recycled woods.