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A few days ago I wrote a little about this project in my blog and was encouraged to post in the projects list about it as well.

My first attempt was , in a word, weak. After looking at it for just a little bit, I destroyed it and determined that I would do better. My first thought - don't try to re-invent the wheel. That's not what this is about. So I used the magic of Google to look at ideas and such, and came across a design that I liked that had been already worked through by fellow LJs Krisztian and Greg Wurst. Greg's build project is here. Thanks Greg and Krisztian!

I knew my build wasn't going to be the same as theirs, as I had a different space to work with. I made the cabinet longer, and shorter than their build, and I considerably changed the left hand side of the caddy. Still, the bones of the design can still be seen if you go to the links and look at the two other projects.

Every project contains a set of lessons, and this was no exception. It was not surprising that I should find perfect examples of what I was looking to build somewhere in the projects of Lumberjocks. The group here continues to inspire and amaze.

For more details and possible mild entertainment, follow the link to my blog of the build. No pictured, but lots of words.



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