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Workshop Information

New to this forum and spent the better part of this evening browsing everyone elses shops and thought i would share my little shop. I am strictly a hobbiest and very rarely do any paid jobs . My shop started in a basement 25 years ago and moved into half of a oversized double garage with a dividing wall . My shop is insulated and heated with a natural gas ventless heater and a small electric construction heater . I have slowly built my tool collection over the years but with space at a premium have had to carefully plan storage and use of each tool. Finishing is usaully the hard part and usaully requires moving into the other half of the garage and moving the wifes car outside (easier said then done during a canadian winter) I just finished the new router table with a 3.5 bosch router and am very happy with the results. Also upgraded the drill press table and radial arm saw fence , and built a router lift for my second small router table. I really have to stop reading back issues of shopnotes or i will never get the desk my wife wants built.



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Nice shop, I was just getting some ideas for my and im starting to turn my garage into my work shop too