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Project Information

Wood And Materials Used
Pine for most everything and bamboo for the pegs and glue.... LOTS of glue
Tools Used
Table Saw, chisels, sanding block, sander, various hand planes
Milton, Florida

This was the start of my descent into madness this evening and so far it's going pretty good, mistakes were made but it was too late to go back and fix them, gonna just soldier on and wrap it up. I think it turned out pretty nice and is going right along with what I wanted to make. Tomorrow I will make the star for the top or something to go up on it. Hoping to crank out a bunch of these and sell them using scrap and reclaimed wood. I have some nice tongue and groove scraps that should make for a nice "tree".

And I had a visit from an Tactical Assault Possum this evening... now I know what the dogs and horses keep going on about in the middle of the night. And he's not even afraid of people or animals.