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I am not sure if this falls under the woodworking projects umbrella but… it involved a ton of wood and it was definitely work.

My Dad and I have been building this hunting cabin for quite some time.

The pine trees that were used for the porch columns, rafters, ridge poles and main beam were harvested from our property. There were countless days clutching a chainsaw and/or draw knife.

The ridge poles are 24 feet long. Most of the joinery is half-lap dados cut with a chainsaw.

The siding was cut on a woodmizer sawmill.

The maple floor came from an old-school gymnasium. The free throw lines were still on the floor before making trip to Home Depot to rent a floor sander.

All told, it has cost less than 5k in materials.

This has become the preferred family gathering place.

It's funny how a little spot in the woods can bring people together.



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This is awesome! I have plans to do the same (almost) exact thing except it's going to be kind of a shed/workshop where I can store and work on my outdoor equipment. Do you have any other detailed pics of the construction process? And when you cut the trees for construction, did you let the logs cure at all and if so, how long? I made the mistake of not taking the bark off right away and the logs became infested with bark beetles. No structural damage but annoying, nonetheless. Any info you could throw my way would be ever so helpful.


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That is really awesome. I am very happy for you. The story is every bit as good as the cabinet itself :)