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Project Information

This is a Rummikub game I made for my new Japanese daughter-in-law. Weird…I made a Japanese game for my son (her husband) and an English game for her! She loves this game. We bought a wooden one about 35 years ago and love the game. When we wanted to buy a wooden one for a gift there were none around - so I made it. I used hard Canadian maple for the pieces. Each piece was carved with a Foredom. Since I am a retired draftsman I know how to letter so I just drew the numbers freehand. I then had to paint, sand and buff each one with HUT wax. The case is made from Pine and Mahogan. The racks have hand-formed copper supports, which you don't see. I made this the same time as the Shogi game that I entered a few days ago. There are four colors from 1-13 with two copies of each. 104 tiles plus two jokers. Took forever to make. I drew and painted the top based on the set that I have. It is an exciting game if you play the Sabra way.



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This was one of my favorite games as a kid! Great detailing and beautiful job overall!!!