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So ever since I was a kid I had wanted a candy dispenser. As a challenge I decided to find some decent plans and make one myself. A couple things to know about this:

  • I consider myself an amateur that does this for fun and to keep me out of trouble.
  • I own only very basic tools which makes things a bit more challenging to pull off.
  • My 'shop' is our cold, dark, damp basement with some upgraded lighting so I don't hurt myself.
  • I like imperfections, it is something I see as a goal to improve and work on.

This project took me a few weeks to complete. I was fortunate enough to receive plans from woodshaver Tony C after viewing some of his amazing creations. If you have yet to see his then please be sure to check them out here

So after reviewing the plans I was given, I realized I would have to do some heavy changes. For one, the mason jar we had to use was 80oz. In perspective most mason jars used for this project are at most 32oz. So I spent a lot of time measuring and figuring out how big this base I wanted so it looked proportionally correct.

So I wanted to do something different and I think it came out decent considering. Unfortunately with a shop that has poor lighting it took a tumble more than once off the bench which marked it up and chipped some wood. Either way, kids loved it and had a blast with it.

Again, a big shout out and thank you to woodshaver Tony C for sharing the plans and giving me the motivation.



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As long as it dispenses candy, I'd put this one firmly in the win column. I'm sure the kids agree wholeheartedly!

Looks good to me either way, though!


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Looks good to me, besides, if it dispenses the goodies, who cares what it looks like. Good job.

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Thanks everyone. It works great so far. Keeping it away from the kids is another story. They actually have fun just filling it with marbles and making it a toy, may just stay that way.

Thanks again for your support.