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Workshop Information

United States
Workshop is in an upstairs room above the garage…not ideal but it works. I would prefer to have it at ground level but hubby decided to put it upstairs….I think he's rethinking that one. Area is 12×24, has a no vent propane heater for those cold Ohio days. We use a shop vac with attachments for dust control and just added a WEN air filtration system. Really works great in cleaning up the air. We have two work benches-his on the left side of the room and mine in the far right corner. hmmmm I just realized I was put in the corner! But that's okay…this woman is self sufficient…I built a shelf and Incorporated hooks under it, this stores all my extras such as tools and accessories for my lathe and ws3000 tool sharpener, and dremmel. Made a tool holder for all of my lathe tools (primitive but it works).


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sounds great but ya gotta let us see it,we like show and tell here.welcome to lumber jocks.

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Welcome to Ljs

Sounds like you're making what space you have work,it may be a little awkward but it's better than some folks try to to work outdoors or in a small storage shed. It's all about having fun .Enjoy!