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Project Information

Hey LJ's

I made this for a new love that I found. I believe she is my soulmate!

So I started with a 5/4 thick piece of curly maple so it so it would look really good becuse of the grain. Unfortunately I wasn't thinking properly because the ring is only acout .5 in wide.
I used digital micromiter to get the inside diameter correct when turning it on the lathe. She wears ring size 5 1/2 because they don't make 1/4 sizes. 5 3/4 fits her perfect. 16.31mm

I cut the inside diameter a little more than needed because I planned on coating the ring with 2 part west marine ststem epoxy so that it would last a lifetime like the boats my father builds. Her finger would break befoer this ring does. Couple coats of epoxy and I got the sizing just rite.

1.) After turning on lathe I sanded with my dremel to round the edges and make the rest look good
2.) Penciled our star signs of libra and aries next to our birth stones
3.) used my pyography soldiering iron to burn in the star signs and our initials on the inside
4.) then I wiped high gloss tongue oil and polished for a couple of days
5.) I didn't get the look I wanted so I went to add the 2 part epoxy and it looks awesome! shiny and strong

I was limited on the choice for settings so I found a pack of plastic one at walmart. used dremel to recess the fake jewels. I need to invent a new pyography iron because you cant hold them near the working end and you can see that my lines aren't all that great for the star signs. This job took a lot of patience and learning. I've never used a lathe before or tried a project so small and detailed.

those pics are kinda crapy and dont show all aspects so I wiil update the pics as soon as I have a good camera handy and I'll take better pics of all aspects with a perspective view.



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Nice build and hope all works out for you!

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thank you. thewoodman and helluvawreck she does love it. I still need to add more layers of epoxy because the wood absorbs it and it doesn't yet have the appearance I wanted. I want it to look more like a shiny shell around it. This was a tough and lengthly project. I'm gonna try a post a video rite now because I can't get good 360 pictures.