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Workshop Information

United States
800 Sq. Feet dedicated space in my basement - All machines are in place however I still need to make more permanent things such as outfeed tables. I did manage to get insulation, drywall and painting done before bringing in the tools.

Powermatic 66 5hp Table Saw
Powermatic 8" Jointer
Powermatic 14" Bandsaw
Dewalt 14" planer
Dewalt 12" Miter Saw
Delta Drill Press
Benchdog Router Table
Jet Dust Collection
Delta Air Filter (Ceiling Mount)
Dewalt Router and Belt Sander

Security System (Locally monitored by call center via dedicated cell phone connection to eliminate tampering, if someone gets to the box with the cell equipment, it is too late. We equipped alll windows, doors for open and installed glass break dectors and motion sensors. There is also water detection and heat detectors for fire. The best part is video surveliance which I can pull up from any web equipped computer as well as the monitoring station. We have a DVR setup that can record 1 month of activity.
Overkill on security you ask? Yes for sure, but I am lucky enough to have a friend who owns secuirty company and monitoring station and he set me up with a system for 4,000 that they put in businesses for 15,000. His company actually did the system for Fort Knox which is not far away from me. They had guards assigned to the installers at all times and it took over 1 year to complete.


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Hi Ronnie,

Any chance of getting pictures of your shop posted?