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Project Information

Flag box that I was asked to make for a co-worker who is retiring. His crew provided a flag that flew in front of their station for years. I found some really nice figured cherry, but I could only find one piece. So it took some real planning to get it all from the one board, including the back panel that's a book matched panel. I wanted a waterfall effect across the top and we added some laser engraving to the sides. The back panel is engraved with one of my favorite quotes using the Shaper Origin.

It was a great opportunity to practice some precision layout and angle prep, since I couldn't trim down the edges without loosing the waterfall effect, or messing up the spacing of the engraving. The rear panel is held in place with embedded magnets, not that it'll probably ever get opened. I secured the flag inside using a couple thin pieces installed across the carcass simply bowed under tension (not pictured). It's pretty to look at and effective…again, not that anyone will see it.

Finished with BLO, shellac, then sprayed lacquer (satin).



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Very nice Flag box, thank you for sharing your awesome project with us from Henrico County Virginia