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A few weeks back, some friends told me about a treasured rocking chair that someone had tipped a bit too far back. One of the rockers split right where the rear post connects. This is, of course, the point of most when rocking backwards, so I worried it would be a difficult repair. It was challenging, to say the least! I first had to remove the Frankenstein-type metal straps that had come to adorn the broken piece. I removed those and performed a proper restoration without needing to replace anything. The steps were:

1) Remove the broken rocker.
2) Use four screws and two sets of rubber bands, and a lot of epoxy, to reconnect the two broken halves of the rocker. (Image 3)
3) Use a router and router jig to carve a channel the spans the break by at least 6" on either side. (Image 4)
4) Add an oak spline to the routed channel. Plane flat to the curve of the rocker.
5) Measure and transfer the angle of the hole for the rear post to the drill press. Carefully drill this out. (Image 5)
6) Reattach the rocker with hide glue and sunken nails.
7) Fill holes and paint to match the original. (Image 6)



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Wonderful antique chair. Superb restoration of a worthy rocker.