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Project Information

Wood And Materials Used
2x12's, 10 foot long, pressure-treated
Tools Used
router, circular saw
Fairbury, Illinois

The old sign was rotting and falling apart.

Since I don't own a CNC machine, I made the new sign using "old school" methods. I printed out the letters in Sketchup, then carbon paper traced them onto 3/16" Luan plywood........then jig sawed out the letters.

I attached the Luan letter templates to the new 2x12's, and took 2 passes on my router using a 1/4" straight bit with a brass guide collar on the bottom of the router.

Project took a lot longer than I thought, of course, I had never made a sign this big before either !! Took a long time to make the Luan templates, do the routing work, then prime and paint base boards and white letters.

I made a Youtube video which explains my whole process. You can use this link to watch the video.

So far, everyone likes the appearance of my new sign better than the old sign. My new sign uses dark brown background with white letters.........the old sign was dark red with white letters.



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nicely done. No one NEEDS a cnc... the old ways still are tried and true.