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Project Information

Hello folks,in 2012 I visited Chicago and loved the city.I always like to buy some souvenirs when I visit cities and in Chicago I purchased a nice T-shirt with a most famous sightseeing.I visited many cities in the world and in my opinion Chicago is on my five favorites (on summer of course).

So I saw at Sears Tower (I dont like to call it Willis Tower) a wooden replica of the build but it was in a clear color wood.So I gave up to buy one and back home with a desire to make one using a black rare Brazilian wood.

So since 2012 I'm looking for the wood and few months ago I found it in very small pieces and decide to use they.My wife's uncle gifted me with this small rare pieces.I finished it today and still waiting for varnish to dry.

I made the Sears Tower and Jhon Hancock (at least I tried to do) in Black Jacaranda (some people call this wood as Iron Wood but they are wrong).The Sears Tower I saw at Discovery Channel how they did it and John Hancock I made "by eye".

Here the same wood used at rifle

Here the both buildings

The Sears Tower

Here I used a flashlight for better ilumination

At John Hancock

Thanks for attention



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Yup, the is the Sears Tower (never the Willis Tower)!

I lived about 90 miles West of Chicago for 27 years before I moved to the left coast (that is what uncle Bob, Bob Collins, on WGN radio used to call it) and of all things in the Midwest I miss (other than friends) is the great city of Chicago! Many good times were had there.