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My ninth post in a series of nine box art projects using reclaimed redwood. Each posting features a unique box in the main pictures and a narrative focused on a different step in the process. Sometimes including photos from parts of other projects in the series; click on "my next or previous project" to read the whole series.

Redwood and rosewood box #12
  • 5×5 x 4.5 inches
  • Box joints with a skip pattern
  • Four-way book matched burl top
  • Rosewood trim, splayed feet and hinges
  • Removable tray may be oriented to slide side to side or front to back
  • Brass knob and clocked, sculpted hinge screws
  • Ribbon lock in light purple

Reclaimed Redwood, a gift from my sister, plus rosewood for trim and Redwood burl purchased from Rare Woods & Veneers - Carlton McLendon, Inc.

Pictures and comments during photography and publishing.

I started with objectives:
  • Understand how Lumberjocks will format my pictures before starting.
  • Learn to take pictures with depth of field that includes all of the object being photographed.
  • Learn to use three point lighting and monochrome background (white and black)

As far as understanding how Lumberjocks will format the pictures, I still struggle to design a photo that will look proper when I think the aspect ratios change depending on which page the picture is showing. My notes:
Top 3: 196×130
Top 15: 50×50
Recently Added: 196×130
My Projects Gallery:
Grid photo 196×130 ratio 98 : 65
Centered from upload
Project page:
Original picture 1 was 3:4 displays as 438×584 ratio 3 : 4
Zoomed: 537×712 ratio 537 : 712
picture 2: 438×438
Zoomed: 712×712
Conclusion: 4:3 ratio might be best, 1024×768 should be big enough.

For depth of field I read that I should increase the camera F stop which decreases the apeture and increases the exposure time. Most all of the main pictures in this series were taken at f/14, ISO 100 and Auto Exposure Bracketing enabled. Some, I HDR merged in Lightroom, others I picked the best looking of the three and adjusted as little as possible. I think my resulting depth of field is much better than my previous work. I still do not know how to take a good picture of "white", like the maple wood. I think the definition and tint are still lacking.

For a photography studio I used the spare bedroom.
  • A stand about 24 inches high is from crates and a 24×48 inch melamine platen.
  • Lighting is work lamps on dimmer switches with 2700K LED bulbs and tissue paper diffusers.
  • Purchased phototraphy backdrop of white paper or black cotton
  • Tripod is required in this low light, small apeture setting. Some exposure times were greater than 3 seconds. I'm usin a Canon Rebel T3i camera.

Signed and tied up with a bow:

Thanks for reading my post. The main pictures in full resolution are also posted at This concludes my reclaimed Redwood project series. It was a lot of fun over 13 months (hobby time was short and some other projects interrupted progress). I hope you enjoyed the series. Thinking about what should I create next… I have a reservation on more Redwood from my sister's basement. Comments or questions are welcome.



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Beautiful box and a great job on the photos.

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Been following your outstanding work. The book matching is beautiful and also your attention to detail.
In this post I want to thank you for sharing your documentation of your photography technique.
I've always thought that displaying the work is almost as important as the work and your post is a great example of this idea. Great tips for anyone photographing any project or object and it just showcases the great work on this series of boxes.
Keep up the great work and thanks for sharing, including the behind the scenes tech tips!
You are helping to elevate OUR craft in many ways. Your craftsmanship tips and your documentation tips are GREAT.

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Beautiful. Well done. Thank you for the photo details.

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Outstanding workmanship and eye appeal. The brass screws just aren't my thing, I would have rather seen wood pegs. Don't get me wrong, I'd be proud to own that box and truly don't want to offend, just a personal preference.