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Project Information

Made this a little while ago. This was done via the Steve Ramsey design on his video, with some changes. Picked up some Red Oak boards (1×4) and (2×2) from Home Depot. The Head is made of 3 boards lamented together, with the middle holding some fishing weights that are hot glued in place. The mortise was built in to the lamination from the beginning, so it doesn't require being made after it is glued up.

The handle was made using about 18 inches of the 2×2 and I shaped it using the router to thin the stock on most of the handle, about a 1/2 inch or so. Also used the router to create the tenon. I shaped the handle with a rasp and some sanding. Then I pegged the mortise and tenon with a 1/4" oak dowel.

One important note I figured out after the fact. Red oak is open pored and doesn't hold up as well to striking like maple would. The end grain has already developed some marks and small cracks, but appears to be holding where it is at.



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Nice build Scott. I made one with a solid oak head a while back. Really surprised at how often I reach for it when projecting. May have to follow your lead and go back and make a "dead blow" version as well. Welcome to lumberjocks sir.

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Very Nice Work Indeed Scott! You even made it a Left Handed Model! Good For You! (Yes. I'm Left Handed) ....LOL

Welcome to LJ's!

Thanks For Sharing!