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Over the Christmas period our recycling closet basically fell apart so my wife paid for me to remake a better functional design and easy to use.. I was limited by the fact that the closet was only 14" wide if useable space because I needed to put the mop and broom in there and need to set space aside for this thus eating up almost 3" of width.

I went to Sketchup and designed a sliding drawer tray system that enabled everyone to pull out drawer to empty and it's such s much more practical concept.

1. Sheet of 3/4" plywood
3. 22" full extension drawer slides
1. Box of 1 1/4" pocket hole screws
1. Roll of iron on edging
36" of solid oak 1×4

The cabinet carcas measures 54" tall by 23" deep x 14" wide..

I needed to make this in a hurry so I'd don't do any fancy joinery so I went with my pocket hole jig to joint the top, middle and bottom to each of the sides and then I basically put oak iron edging on all visible surfaces to match the oak closet that it's going into.

The drawers couldn't be easier I put 2 pocket holes on each end of the left and right drawers side and attached them to the front and back drawer components.
I cut the right, left and back short 3/4" compared to the front front and screwed the drawer base up into these parts and the front oak board would conceal the plywood edge on the front.. I also put iron on edging on all visible plywood edges accept the drawer base sides, and finally rounded over the edges on the oak drawer front with a 1/4" round over but on my router table

All that was left was to install the full extension drawer slides and install them in the cabinet after I tediously figured out spacing for the 3 drawer trays.

Anyway I got this all done between a Sunday and a Monday afternoon and I can get back to my smart vise project that i am in the finishing stages on ( more to come on this later in the week.

Anyway thanks for looking and I hope everyone had a happy new year.



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Well made. Great use of a confined space.