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When my house was built, I ended up with an extra cabinet front (the builder had installed the front where the dishwasher would eventually go). I kept the front and thought about building an additional cabinet with it to match the rest of the kitchen.

This is what I came up with…

I had to build some sides and shelves for the base caninet. This gave a nice storage cabinet/phone center. I then added the upper section to pull it all together (the upper unit also hides the original phone jack high on the wall!). The last two pictures are of the cabinet when first built, with a wooden top. When I had my granite counter top added, I had the granite guys cut an extra piece to replace my top with (they even drilled a hole for my phone cord). The old top was recycled once again, as I planed it down and turned it into part of my Hall Mirror Project.

I did add a "lean out tray" to the fake drawer front (nice little storage area). You can get these at the big box stores.

I used Oak for the bulk of the cabinet, and the shelves were made from 1/2" birch plywood with an added oak edge. Pocketholes were used in both the bottom and top sections. 1/4" Oak plywood was used for the back of the upper unit. This is what happens when you don't like having a phone on the wall!

Enjoy! Ken C.

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The top makes it look more like a piece of furniture - I believe you used the spare cabinet front well…

Thanks for sharing

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Well that's exactly the look I was after…however, the original plan was to just build the lower unit…but I had to hide the old phone jack somehow..

Cool part is that this now matches my existing room cabinets and it all comes together. The granite addition was cool - I had to pull the original top off, take it to the granite guys, and they were able to make it fit on my piece of granite (added about $50 to my granite addition - well worth it!

Ken C