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This was my "great white buffalo", the one project that got me hooked on woodworking. I was required to take a sculpture class in college as part of my art/graphic design major. This was the first time I was exposed to working with wood and woodworking tools. My wife and I were getting married at the end of the semester and I wanted to make her a bedroom set as a wedding gift.

This Cali King bed took 200 hours longer than it should have and it weighs about 200# more than it needs to. But thats okay, the reaction I got from my wife when she walked into the art studio to see it for the first time is probably one of the reasons why i'm hooked on making things now.

All the cedar barn wood was salvaged by me and 3 coats of poly were added to give it and us some protection. The rest is made from cedar that I used a steel wool and vinegar stain on.

The goal was to make a bed that could fit in our condo at the time and if we ever moved to a bigger location we would be able to convert it into a canopy bed. I made all the necessary material but failed to execute on the conversion. I tried to center a hanger bolt in the 4×4 posts but I was unsuccessful on so many levels. I would love to try a similar project again given that I actually know how to use a lot of the tools that I was clueless about at the time.



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