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I built this dining table based on the overall look of the Toscana table at Pottery Barn. My friend liked the X leg style and the overall informal and warm quality of the table. I obtained some beautiful salvaged heart pine that felt almost as heavy and dense as white oak. I used the best wood for the tabletop and supplemented some additional salvaged beams for the bench, legs, batten, and stretcher. I jointed the glue joints on the table top, but I left the edges with their rustic flavor. I also left mild plane tracks from my #5 running at opposing 45 deg angles across the top to add to the rustic feel. I gave the bench the same treatment. Both are rock solid.

The batten is attached to the table top with two screws toward the center and shop made table buttons near the edges. The table can be broken down due to the use of bed bolts to attach the X legs to the batten and the stretcher to the X legs. I had wanted to use a through tenon on the stretcher, but I was afraid it would take too much meat out of the half lap joint between the two legs.

I wanted to provide extensions to the table without adding any heavy hardware. Without an apron, there was no way to hide the attachment mechanism, but I also wanted it to be strong. My solution was to attach angle iron supports to the company boards (end extensions) and run them through dados in the legs. The dado in the leg serves as the fulcrum, and any downward pressure on the end of the company board translates into upward pressure against the middle of the underside of the table. Upon completion, I could comfortable sit on the company boards with little flex in the supports.

I finished the table with General Finishes Medium Brown water based dye, Seal Coat and Amber shellac from Zinsser, and General Finishes Arm R Seal.



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Absolutely beautiful table! The finish you gave it really gives it depth. The X legs are a really nice touch as well. Thank you for sharing!