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Project Information

Is this a table? A shelf? A sculpture? You decide!

This distinctive piece is made from reclaimed, old growth 2×4s and from L-grade 3/4" copper pipe. The unit is 40-inches tall x 21-inches wide x 14-inches deep. The wood "box" measures 14" x 14" x 14".

The wood comes from Rebuilding Exchange in Chicago. They go into buildings that are about to be demolished and reclaim as much of the usable materials as possible. They keep millions of pounds of "waste" out of landfills.



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This is awesome … great use of copper pipe. Love the wood source … wish someone would (or wood) do the same here. hmmm … Maybe that someone should be me. Do you mind if I share your project on my woodworkers club page to see if I can get some interest in doing something like this?