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Project Information

So a friend of mine asks me to asked them a shadow box for her retirement and didnt want any ordinary shadow box design she could get from michaels.

so this is what i came up with

first i got some bubinga

then i cut it to the width of the segments and cut the angle on both sides
i did this so that i would have long grain to long grain gluing surfaces

then i cut the segments off of this to the wheel height

then i used the tape clamp method and aligned each segment end to end and made the glue up
the tape clamp didnt pull them closed as good as i hopped so i used my strap clamp to squeeze the whole thing tighter and close the gaps in the ring

the next steppes didn't take pictures of

but i attached a piece of plywood to the bottom side and used my router table to make the outside flush and round

then i made a square box on my router table to trap the ring in position and rounded the inside

after that to get the lip for the glass i re-positioned the square box and removed material from the inside leaving a 1/2 thick lip about 1/4 deep

after that it was normal sanding and finishing and be low are the results

the handles are from Lowes and they are stained sanoma red i have to say they match really well



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Beautiful, (my wife likes it too.)

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Nice design and very good work on it!!