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Hi guys, been awhile!

Everyones making such cool stuff!

Here is my latest creation. This is Puzzle Duck Pastures and is a 13 moves to open puzzle. I do love how I get to play with the exotic woods affordably, lol.

A couple cool new locking systems employed here, and a visual surprise of seeing inside a fairy house. I had an artist friend create one in the 3D and she took a photo of it! An awesome detail!

I wish I could share more, alas the fine gentlmen and lady collectors of these fine pieces love their passion and revealing these details can sometimes spoil the experience for them. Same as if I made something for you, you wouldn't want to know that everyone knows about how special it is, lol. I added a pic of the inside of one I made a looong time ago and really looks like nothing thats in Puzzleduck Pastures, but you get an idea I hope.

Anyway, I do love to work with other artists. There is this thing I like to do, call it a Duet of Artists if you will. Trust me, I don't sing, lol. I would like to work with a few artists that make amazing boxes. The way it would work is that we would commit to two units only, one for each of us when complete. You make the two boxes, ship them to me, I outfit them and send one copy for you. No money is exchanged between us and we each get one copy to do with what we want. This is about fun and exploring and hell, who knows where it could lead! Let me now if you like that idea! To get a scale, this puzzle box retails for $800 CDN, a great box to start gets the best prices!

Create a mind blowing day Gentlemen



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Fairy cool ;) Looks clever inside.

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Hey thanks Guys!