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United States
We have a 2 car garage with an offset one car garage. My wife gets the 2 car garage and I use the one car for my shop. I try to keep all the large tools along the walls so I can get my truck in when it storms.

I am seriously out of space, and am constantly trying to reorganize. I have almost everything that I need at this point with the exception of a planer and a assembly table (just don't know where to put them)
I built the upper cabinets along the side wall when we built our house 15 years ago, they are filled with "stuff"

As I find time, I will remove all the peg board and go with a French cleat system, I like LJ Big Red knot heads that is on a sheet of oak plywood. I also plan on removing the cabinets and doing something of a combination French cleat and cabinets.

I have been updating my tools recently, I finally retired my Dad's 1965 Craftsman table saw, I tried to replace it with the Ridgid R4512…I hauled 2 of them back and forth to HD, both had the alignment issues. I ended up with the Grizzly G1023RL…and I love it. I also recently sold my 14" jet bandsaw and purchased the new Laguna 14/12 What a difference! I also just updated my router table with the Incra master lift II and Milwaukee 3.5 hp router.

I have my fathers and Great grandfathers hand tools, and am starting to use them more and more. I need to get a proper bench and vises for my hand tool journey.

Thanks for looking, Putty



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Welcome to LJ's and thanks for sharing some photos of your shop.

Many of us, including me, share a shop with a car.

You are on the right track. I love that you have doors on all your cabinets. Keeps the saw dust out. Taking down the peg board will provide more valuable wall space. Wall space is at a premium, so if it does not go all the way to the ceiling with drawers, shelves, or cabinets, then it is not earnings its keep. Hanging tools on the wall is a luxury I lost a long time ago.

Does not look like you have to store a lot of garden tools or other holiday season stuff. That is nice.

If you look at my shop, it looks a lot like yours, just more stuff in it. Maybe the french cleat cabinets will give you some storage ideas.

Another great approach is to make roll out carts with drawers that go under your benches. They double your work surface area, allow other projects to be organized in their own space, and can be used for outfeed tables or assembly.

Good luck.

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Looks great, Putty! I see what you mean re: the challenge of getting a hand tool bench with vises in place somewhere. I'm thinking there's a way to modify that steel-legged workbench somehow. A face vise would be a pretty straightforward install. Maybe a leg vise would be doable if a wooden face were added to the front legs? (you'd want them flush with the front edge of the benchtop)

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Thanks Timbertailor, Yes, I have a shed for the lawn equip and easy access attic areas for xmas, and everyother season my wife decorates for. I'm thinking of French cleating the entire shop and making new cabinets to hang on the cleats. My daughter goes of to college in another 4 years and my wife and I plan to downsize our house then.
but with a bigger shop. With French cleat cabinets I can take them with me.

Thanks Smitty, I played with that no7 the other day, my current bench was racking pretty good. I saw this on LJ the other day, I like it for the size. I may go with something like it.
Oops, I don't know yet how to attach links to other LJ's projects
the bench is Crash's workbench