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A few years ago, my mother bought a chess set that had "Revolutionary War" chess pieces. She asked me to make a chess board for her and this Christmas (2011) I finally made it. The two woods are Purpleheart and Marblewood. The squares are 1 1/4" and that makes the entire board (including border) 11 1/2" square. I turned the four legs out of 2" Purpleheart and their final diameter is 1 1/4" and they are two inches tall.

I used biscuits to join the strips of alternating woods together, then cut them across to make the 8 row of alternating squares. Then, I used biscuits again to join them back together. I had a little bow in the board from the clamping, so it took a bit of sanding to bring it flat again. I am going to be making my own drum sander in a couple of weeks and it sure would have come in handy for this job.

For the finish, I used 3 coats of hand rubbed furniture paste and my mother loved it. I should have gotten a photo with the chess pieces on the board.



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That's one cool chess board,nice work.