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One for you and your pet. (or bracelet and napkin ring… or start a new trend, give your guests a napkin, and a towel ring ;)

Bookmatched purpleheart, with a maple center band. As with the rings and other bracelets, the center band is glued (waterproof polyurethane glue) with the grain running in a perpendicular direction for strength.

The bracelet is 2 1/4 inside diameter, 2 5/8 outside (57 mm I.D. to 68 mm O.D.) by 1 1/8 inches (3mm) wide.

The napkin ring is 1 3/8 inside diameter, 1 7/8 outside (36 mm I.D. / 45mm O.D.) 3/4 inch wide (19mm)

Both are hand sanded and finished with Howards Feed and Wax (orange oil and beeswax)

This is the second bracelet I've made. Kind of like making the rings, just more work, and a heck of a lot more sanding. But way less nerve wracking. At least you don't have to hold your breath and cross your fingers that you don't go a thousandth of a inch too far and ruin the whole thing. I thought I could get the inside with my spindle sander attachment for the shopsmith, but no, it was a wee bit too big. as with the rings I had to turn something smaller to handle the insides.

I intended to also make a little bowl or some such with the center "waste" portion of this one, but I cut too far. Wasn't thinking, just kept on going. And then I thought I should have done the same thing (napkin ring) with the mesquite. Nah. Little bowls are cool.

These are the 17th and 18th projects in my 30 projects in 30 days challenge

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Wow you crank these beautiful projects so quick. Well done

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Nice looking ring and bracelet, purple heart is a neat looking wood. Is it true that you can revive purple hearts color under florescent lights?

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Very Nice rings. Great wood choice.

Keep it up.


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Beautiful rings Scott.