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Project Information

This is the result of just stopping and thinking for a while.

There is no identified purpose for its design intention or construction.
It is simply the application of a series of thoughts, meaning thinking if something can be done, then applying the thoughts or concept ideas to produce the proof of concept, hence the name.


The frame:

The Material is some Pallet pine which was exhibiting some blue stain
It was cut in an attempt to show the flow of the blue stain.
The Back edge is a 45 deg glued miter, the intermediate and front section are simply glued butt joints
The slope on the front is 60 deg
The base is two separate rebated and panels inserted
The edge trim on the sides is profiled and again rebate inserted.
The bookmatched panel at the front is walnut.

The hinged Lid

The Material is Yellow Stringy Bark profiled and glued together then mounted in a rebated recess in the frame.
The rear of the frame has been cove bit recessed to allow the door/lid to swing open.
The Lid hinge pivots/hinges are bamboo.
Made from two chop sticks I again found in my wife's kitchen accessories drawer.
I then sanded the diameter down to suit the hole drilled in the sides then into the lid just below the purpleheart trim.

It is just visible in photo five however here is an additional picture.

The removable inserts:

The two removable inserts are again pine, profiled and rebated cut to 45 deg with a piece of Perspex fitted for a see through base, as they sit on top of each other.

The edge trim:

The edge trim is some square Purpleheart strips recessed into a rebate cut with a slot cutter to the correct width.

The base:

The base consists of two panels of, ( I think Spotted Gum) and they were cut to suit the two rebated sections then profiled on the disc sander to the correct fit, and then again glued in place.
The missing finishing support legs/cutouts was deliberate.

Job Complete with a coating of Tung Oil.


Most of the thoughts that I put into practical application came from viewing Blogs, Tutorials, and project postings from many other LJs on this site.

So in recognition of the many excellent works I saw that inspired me to make "The Proof of Concept Box" if you see a process or concept that looks or is familiar give yourself a pat on the back!

I Thank you all.


What am I going to do with such a weird looking box, well nothing really it will go on the shelf in the store room.
If somebody likes it I will reproduce the particular aspect I used in a purpose built box, well here's hoping anyway!!




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Cool. I spent about fifteen minutes reading and looking, and reading and looking. It's fascinating understanding the development of a project. The only thing I didn't get was the hinge; how did you use the two chopsticks? Thanks for sharing your build.

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Very original!

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I like it! Your thinking "outside the box" ! Patterns, shapes and forms.

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It's unique, has a cool design. Very nice wood combo and finish. Great job!

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The bamboo chopstick hinge

Have a close look at the left side and you will see a "dot" that is the hinge for the door

This is now the door open