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Project Information

A little more shop TLC. A friend of mine asked me to make him a closet from plywood, no formica, since I HATE it, stained walnut. The only problem is I had no way to drying these long boards so that they wouldn't get dust or anything on them and not be stacked one on top of the other. So, I came up with this idea.

I bolted some 2×6 cut offs I had from different pergolas I built lying around. I found some metal tubing from an old fence we had taken down when we built out on our apartment and presto - instant drying rack.

The closet is already drying on it. Later I realized I needed a phone in the shop so that the telemarketers can disturb me even in my happy place, so I screwed on a little shelf for that.

I am actually quite surprised how much weight this thing holds. The last photo is 3 sheets of plywood worth of boards. Each is about 20kg, so that is roughly 60kg.

I plan on making the bottom rung into a permanent shelf to dry small projects.



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Nice idea. I wish I had such an open wall space in my shop. LOL