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Project Information

My wife needed a printer stand for her office. I threw this together from 15/32 Birch Plywood and used maple as the edge band. I used an alcohol based stain to help avoid the deep grain stain I might get from an oil based stain. I worked OK, but the maple was more difficult to match because it did not soak the stain as easy as the birch. I used a polyurethane satin spray finish. Biggest problem was I had to do the finish on the inside before assembly and then had to finish the edge band and outside. Over-spray was a problem, I controlled by taping off the inside finished surfaces with paper before assembly.
I used dados for the shelves so it would have more strength and so I could practice the joinery. The top corner joints were 45 degree with a spline.

Next time I would make a basic box with adjustable shelves for the paper and supplies. overall dimensions 20" W x 15" D x 8" H



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Looks good and sounds like you got some good practice on joinery. Try using a different species / color of wood for edge banding, really shows it off.