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Project Information

In response to my last posting of other wood projects suitable for Christmas presents here is what I have made and given from the last 5 years as the major family projects. It takes around 30 of each to cover the extended family groups, and I start planning in July or August. Usually around Nov. 1st the various families will start asking for hints as to what this years project is.
The Raccoon Woodburning Picture is this years project 2012.
The Blue print of Mt Shasta, is a Japanese Style woodblock print 2011
The Snowman nested Cookie Jars made from Quilted Maple and Walnut top hat 18" x 12" 2010
Maple Burl Mantle Clocks 2009
Aggravation Game Board in Redwood Burl felt and Pine over plywood. 2008

In addition I try to turn as many scraps into Back Scratchers, hand spun Tops and small ring boxes as possible before the scraps get used as fire starters, cold blooded wife. Hope this gives you inspiration and ideas for your scraps and projects Peace To All. Mike



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Man, you do some nice projects!! Very fine workmanship!!