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Project Information

This is my first real project. I glued it up last night and viola…here it is. My son needed an upgrade from his crib (he is turning two here soon) so I made him a toddler bed. A couple of months ago I bought the book Woodworking Basics by Peter Korn and this project was based around me practicing a lot of mortises and tenon's by hand! The wood is all poplar except for the platform my slats sit on (inside the rails) which is oak. Stained with an IKEA stain :( the wife wanted it to match a dresser she bought…and the finish is several coats of oil pased poly. Unfortunately I didn't have the tools available to do bed bolts so it cannot be dissasembled unless you break it or saw it!



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Great job for your son, before you know it he will be out there with you in the shop.