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Project Information

My Wife and I needed a stool in the closet for putting on shoes and so she can reach the top of the cabinets in there. I decided to try to challenge my self on the joinery for this a bit. The legs are half lapped with straight through tenons to the top. The cross piece is also through tenoned. It's all poplar and the legs are 8/4 with the top/seat being 5/4. The finish is natural danish oil with a paste wax finish.

I say I challenged myself because I have never done these types of joints with the angles that I had to use. It didn't come out perfect by any means, but it's a piece that won't come out our closet and a good learning experience. Thanks for looking, and any comments, questions or critiques always welcome.




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Looks good to me, some walnut wedges in the tenons would of looked real nice?