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Project Information

This was a very plain box that had been sitting on a shelf in the shop for months since I wasn't pleased with how it came out. Turns out I needed the shelf space and had to move the box. I decided rather than scrap it, maybe I could do some things to it.
First it was veneered with some old burl veneer I had left over from another project, then it was lined with green sand and then I added a piece of scrap cowhide with the hair on to the recessed top and framed that with Red Cedar and big, brass upholstery tacks. there was nothing planned, I just kept adding things to an old ugly box to where it can now be given away. I may put a partition in the bottom and a lift out tray. I kinda like the cow hide on top and will do that again when the next "oogly" box needs some help. Finish on the veneer is rattlecan Poly, couple of coats that could stand one more coat of wipe-on Poly.



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Neat ideas; I am sure that someone will want it!