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Project Information

My wife and I feel in love with this when I saw it in the WoodSmith magazine.
I made the handle out of Red Oak and the paddle is made from Santa Maria.
The finish (mineral oil and bees wax) made the grain come to life. The peel is 1/2" thick and tapers to 1/16".
I did the big taper with a taper sled in my planner which brought it down to 1/8". I then used a block plane to add a 1/2" wide bevel at the bottom that brought it down to 1/16".
I just need to find a nice decorative hanger to get it up on the wall. Some thing in cast iron maybe.

Thanks for looking and happy holidays!!!



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great one more thing on my "must build" list! looking good!

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I thought it was cute when I saw the article.

good job.

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Nice grain orientation with the Santa Maria there. I like this because it can be used for bread, as well as other things too. Are you going to make a flat grain pizza cutting board to match or compliment it? Hopefully you won't be cutting on the peel.

I've got one of these that's almost finished, although it's of my own design. At some point, I may end up making a round, matching wood species, flat grain cutting board to go with the peel, in essence creating a "pizza set".

I'll be curious to see how this works for you. At present, mine is a touch under 1/2" thick, the bottom has a slight curve to it, and the top taper is more gradual than this one, although your stock is thinner than mine. I need to drill the hole in the handle, do any final shaping to the handle, then hit it with some mineral oil.

I am wondering about the beeswax reacting to the heat though? Any thoughts on that potential issue? I realize the beeswax is food-safe, but I am just wondering?