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Project Information

You will probably not see this project in the pages of Fine Woodworking, but it was a collaborative effort with my grand daughter. Construction is rough sawn leftover cedar fence boards butt jointed with 18 ga. 1 1/4" brads stitched at about 1/2" intervals (~1 pound). The design is a two story condo with private entrances and back doors for future cleaning. Roof is 3/16" cedar shakes tracked down with 1" pin nails (~1/2 pound). I cut the boards, grand daughter drove all the nails. Color scheme selected by the artistic side of the team from leftover project paints and YiaYia's crafting supplies.
Thanks for look's in and any/all comments appreciated.

P.S. Sure hope she grows out of PINK.



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It's good to see you got you grand daughter involved. Kids need to build self-confidemce, a sense of accomplishment, and projects like these are good boost to their ego.

He growing out of pink … highly unlikely for quite some time. My grand daughter, only 4 years old, knows ALL the songs from the Disney movie "Frozen", and sings them at the drop of a hat!

Oh, yes, I nearly forgot, nice pink birdhouse too!

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Fantastic time in the shop with your Granddaughter, Greg. The main thing I would say you forgot, was her safety glasses… Just sayin.