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United States
My shop is a work in progress. What shop isn't really. I have carved out a small section of the basement closest to the bulk head and the fuse panel. For the same reason i can't stand doing something twice when it could have or should have been done right the first time, I haven't built a wall to section off the shop from the rest of the basement. Instead, I have strung a cable from side to side and hung a blue tarp from it (using links left over from a dinning room light install as rings to connect the tarp to the cable). The tarp on the cable works to keep the dust (at least most of it) out of the rest of the basement. My intention was to be able to move the tarp aside if i need more room. So far, i haven't needed the extra room. I may move forward and construct a wall in place of the tarp.
I have acquired many tools over the years and am constantly updating them and adding to them as the task or job requires. i have learned from my Father who taught me first how to work with hand tools before allowing me to graduate to the power tools. To say i learned everything my Father taught me would be a stretch. Most of you on here have probably forgotten more than i know about wood working. Still the same, i enjoy taking something either from a picture or out of my mind and being able to create it with my own hands. If I learned one thing from my Dad. It is, if you can work with your hands you will always be able to work and supply for yourself and others.
I know this post probably looks like it is all over the place. I have never been great at putting words to paper or screen in the case. I hope you all understand.
I look forward to reading your posts, viewing your work, getting assistance when needed and hopefully being able to offer some in return.
Thanks, and take it easy.
Dave @ Pine Hill
"Master Sawdust Maker"


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